‘Life after Oxbridge’ – Iqbal Nasim

The OMA presented ‘My Oxbridge Muslim Story’ with Iqbal Nasim. This was the first talk in our new series which focuses on the professional journeys of our members across various industries.

After completing an MA in Economics and Management from Cambridge University, Iqbal had a successful career in investment banking, but decided to escape the City in 2011 to lead the National Zakat Foundation in its year of inception.

Since then NZF has collected almost £6.5m of Zakat for local distribution and has over 20 staff across the country.  Iqbal believes passionately in the transformational potential of Zakat and has spoken extensively about this. In this talk Iqbal spoke in detail about his journey, the lessons he had learnt and advice he would pass on to others.

Date: Tuesday, November 22, 2016, Location: Oxford and Cambridge Club