To Doctor, Inspire or More?


As part of the OMA’s “Life After Oxbridge” Series, the OMA was delighted to hold their event titled “To Doctor, Inspire or More”.

Refreshments: Light refreshments were provided at the event and this was followed by an informal dinner nearby

The event was led by two Oxbridge medics, Dr Imran Mahmud and Dr Emma Wiley, who will shed light on their different but very inspirational career journeys.

Following a medical degree from Oxford and a Masters in Public Health from Harvard, Dr Imran Mahmud has ventured into the world of consultancy with McKinsey & Company.

Dr Emma Wiley on the other hand, continued medicine but dedicated time to pioneering and leading a number of initiatives including the Muslim Women of Merton, the Ramadan Initiative, the Bare Below the Elbows and Theatre Hijabs Working Group.

The panel enthused those that are yet to embark on their careers, those were looking for a change and those that wanted to connect with fellow Oxbridge graduates.

Yours sincerely,

Your OMA Committee 2016-18