Learning & Leadership Centre.

Community-led, youth-driven.

The Amos Youth Centre is a Learning & Leadership Centre in Kafue, Zambia.

In August 2006, Kafue community leaders and youth members, as well as volunteers from the African Education Program, opened a Learning & Leadership Centre, named Amos Youth Centre.

Today, the Amos Youth Centre is a community-led, youth-driven organization.

The Centre creates quality and inclusive learning, health, entrepreneurship, and leadership development opportunities for promising Zambian youth and women so they can transform their communities.

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What makes the Amos Youth Centre unique.

  • Environment at the Centre

    We create an environment where children and youth can dream big, reach their full potential, and become the changemakers their communities deserve.

  • Depth of Investment

    We commit to a decade+ long investment in a child, starting as early as the age of 5, and create learning and leadership development opportunities past college.

  • Alumni-driven Organization

    Today, the majority of the full-time Zambian team members are alumni. Together, they are spearheading community change through our diverse programs.

Who are the Mwalii Leaders?

Mwalii Leaders are the 700 girls, boys, young women and men, who access all of the afterschool programs, including quality academic tutoring and leadership development, offered at the Amos Youth Centre in Kafue, Zambia.

Watch the video to learn more about the Mwalii Leaders’ unique journey with the Amos Youth Centre.

Anita’s Journey.

Like many Mwalii Leaders, Anita began taking advantage of the Amos Youth Centre in Kafue, Zambia as an Mbewu (seed). These Young Learners (ages 5 to 12) access learning opportunities including basic literacy, math, science, art and team building.

The next phase is Kukula (growth) during their teenage years. During this time, they have access to programs focused on quality education through academic tutoring, leadership development and volunteerism, gender equity, self-esteem building, period poverty elimination, HIV/AIDS and health awareness, nutrition and food security, and the arts and creativity.

After high school graduation, they become Njila (path) when they volunteer at the center and have access to the College Prep Program. Once the leaders enter college they become Mphamvu (power). Finally, after graduation, they are Banja (family), a network of alumni who continue to give back to the center and create change in their communities.

Note: The Mwalii Leader name was chosen by the youth themselves.