Meet the Team.

We are proud that a majority of our full-time team members are alumni!

  • Lumuno Mweemba Chongo

    Co-Founder & Director, Programs

    Lulu has a passion for serving her community and its children. Her favorite part of her job is seeing lives change for the better through the different programs and scholarships. Being a part of that change is an honor. Lulu is passionate about mental health and she focuses on trauma-informed care. She has been with AYC since 2014 starting as a counselor and social worker.

  • Febby Choombe (Alumni)

    Director, Special Education

    Febby completed high school and earned a BA in Education from the University of Zambia thanks to AYC scholarships. Febby has always dreamed of changing the special education landscape. In 2019, Febby and AYC launched the Read for Rose Special Education Program. It brings Febby great joy knowing that the students she works with are learning because she can teach them in a way that made sense to them.

  • Ceasar Samwaka (Alumni)

    Director, Academics & Scholarships

    Ceasar completed high school and earned a BA in Education from the University of Zambia thanks to AYC scholarships. His favorite part of his job is to be a role model and source of motivation to the kids at the center. Ceasar is passionate about problem solving. He loves to help others by finding solutions. He believes that if we can all help one another to solve each other’s problems, the world can be a better place.

  • Christine Mulenga (Alumni)

    Programs Coordinator

    Christine completed high school and is pursuing a diploma in public health and counseling, thanks to AYC scholarships. She also has a certificate in counselling and peer education. Before joining AYC, she worked in a clinic as psycho-social counselor. Christine enjoys being a peer educator and loves motivational speaking and mentoring the younger students in the program.

  • Annie Nyambe (Alumni)

    Special Education Assistant

    Annie completed high school thanks to AYC scholarships. Her favorite part of her job is helping the special education students succeed by empowering them through education and life skills training. Annie learned sign language to better work with all the students. She is passionate about her education, career growth, personal growth and mindfulness to make a difference in the lives of others.

  • Annabel Mumba (Alumni)

    Donor Relations Coordinator

    Annabel completed high school thanks to AYC scholarships. Her talent for capturing stories is evident as she documents activities at the center through pictures and storytelling. Annabel loves to learn is currently attending college while continuing work. She loves being part of a team that is bringing change to her community. When she is not working, you can still find her behind the camera or cooking and dancing.

  • Violet Mukumbwa (Alumni)

    Entrepreneurship Coordinator

    Violet completed high school thanks to AYC scholarships. Her favorite part of her job is empowering youth and their parents with entrepreneurship knowledge and financial literacy which will help to better their lives. Violet enjoyed traveling to Uganda to be trained as an entrepreneurship coach by Street Business School. The high levels of poverty in the community are what motivate Violet and she is eager to share her knowledge.

  • Clement Mwanza (Alumni)

    Entrepreneurship/Academic Coordinator

    Clement completed high school and earned a BA in Secondary Teaching in History and Mathematics from the Kwame Nkrumah University, thanks to AYC scholarships. He is passionate about impacting and empowering the students with entrepreneurial skills and financial literacy. His biggest motivation are his parents who have impacted his growth and development. His favorite part of his job is teaching and seeing his students understanding his lessons. When he is not working, you can find him singing, playing the clarinet at the Orchestra and playing music.

  • Chanda Kashina (Alumni)

    Young Learners Teacher (ECD)

    Chanda completed high school and earned a Diploma in Secondary Teaching in English and ICT from the Mufulira Professional College, thanks to AYC scholarships. Chanda is passionate about learning and creating new ideas on how to effectively teach. Her favorite part of her job is working with children that are aged 5 to 10 years old, she says they remind her of her childhood. She loves been a part of the team because it gives her a chance to work with people who have more experience and knowledge on the job. She is motivated by women who are making change in communities. In her free time, Chanda loves to spend time with her mother, reading novels and travelling to new places.

  • Rhoda Musonda (Alumni)

    Young Learners Teacher (ECD)

    Rhoda completed high school thanks to AYC scholarships. Her greatest motivation are the children that she teaches. They teach her patience and open-mindedness. Her favorite part of the job is doing Art and games with students because they help her to be creative and she likes to see the children tap into their own creativity and self-awareness through the Arts. If she is not in class, you can find her hanging out with friends and singing. Rhoda also enjoys acting in short stories and videos.

  • Kelvin Banda (Alumni)

    Young Learners Teacher (ECD)

    Kelvin completed high school and earned a Diploma in Secondary Teaching in Mathematics and ICT from the Mufulira Professional College, thanks to AYC scholarships. His passion for teaching children is evident as he interacts with the young learners every day. Kelvin is self-motivated, fearless and open minded to any situation presented to him. His favorite part of the job is seeing the students that he teaches inviting their friends to come and learn too. In his free time, Kelvin enjoys reading, hiking, sightseeing, researching and cooking.

  • Lindunda Kalaluka (Alumni)

    Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator

    Lindunda is an Alumni of AYC and a Cybersecurity Specialist with a Bachelor's degree in Cyber Security from Zambia University College of Technology. He is certified by CSI Linux in General Cybersecurity Investigations and Dark web Investigations. Lindunda is committed to making a positive impact on the community by emphasizing that sustainable and long-term solutions are achieved by actively engaging with the community and empowering its members through skill development and open dialogues. His goal is to help develop an M&E system that will capture quality data which will enhance the delivery of AYC Programs through continuous learning and research.

  • Rabecca Martinez Tembo

    Project Manager, Kids to Care

    Rabecca is a certificated Project Manager and Monitoring and Evaluation officer. Rabecca is also a certified Sports Coach by Grassroots Soccer and enjoys working on HIV awareness programs conducted through Sports. She is passionate about making an impact on children to live healthier lives while making good choices and realizing they have a voice.Her goal while working for AYC is to make sure children living with HIV adhere to their medication without stopping and that they are supported to live healthy and purpose filled lives. Rabecca is determined to continue working on programs that break stigma and barriers around HIV/AIDS.

  • Abraham Daka


    Abraham is very passionate about cooking, developing recipes and football. Abraham’s goal at AYC is to prepare and serve nutritious meals at AYC while providing some basic cooking sessions with high school graduates. Working for a community-led organization is very crucial for Abraham as it prioritizes community empowerment, ensuring that initiatives are shaped by local needs. It helps him have a sense of ownership, responsiveness to evolving challenges, and the utilization of valuable local knowledge. He loves community-led organizations that often emphasize inclusivity, diversity, and long-term sustainability, promoting relationships built on trust and joining the AYC team is an honor he states.

  • Nanima Syapubwe (Alumni)

    Senior Facilitator Intern, Gold Youth

    Nanima joined Amos Youth Centre in 2016 and completed her high school education in 2020 and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Social Work Practice and Development Studies at the Information and Communication University. As a Senior Facilitator Intern since 2021, Nanima plays a pivotal role in the development and empowerment of young minds within her community. Her primary responsibilities include training, educating, and mentoring peer educators across various schools. Through her guidance, she empowers these peer educators to lead healthy and purpose-driven lives, inspiring them to become role models and ambassadors of positive change among their peers.

  • Chipango Fulayi (Alumni)

    Senior Facilitator Intern, Gold Youth

    Chipango joined Amos Youth Centre in 2015 an. completed her secondary education in 2020. Serving as a Facilitator Intern since 2021, she is dedicated to training and empowering peer educators to address pressing issues affecting young people in their communities. Chipango plays a vital role in equipping peer educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage with their peers on various youth-centric topics. Her primary responsibility involves training peer educators to effectively communicate and educate their peers on issues ranging from reproductive health to social issues prevalent in their community. Through her efforts, Chipango endeavors to empower young people to become advocates for positive change in their communities.

  • Emmanuel Mulenga (Alumni)

    Senior Facilitator Intern, Gold Youth

    Emmanuel joined AYC in 2016 and successfully completed his secondary education in 2020. He is currently enrolled for a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Counseling at Chreso University. Emmanuel finds fulfillment in serving as a role model, mentor, and counselor for young people facing difficult situations. His passion for empathy and reliability drives his dedication to providing support and guidance to those in need. As a member of Gold Youth Zambia since 2021, Emmanuel is committed to training and mentoring peer educators to empower them to effect positive change within their communities. Emmanuel shows the values of compassion, resilience, and service upheld by AYC. Through his dedication to education, counseling, and mentorship, he is instrumental in empowering young people to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.

  • Ignitious Mupeta (Alumni)

    Junior Facilitator Intern, Gold Youth

    Ignitious joined AYC in 2019 and completed his high school education in 2023. He is driven by his passion for engineering and his dedication to empowering young minds. As a Facilitator for Clubs and Classes, Ignitious plays a pivotal role in creating a nurturing environment for learning and growth among AYC members. With a keen interest in civil engineering, Ignitious aspires to pursue further studies in this field to realize his passion for engineering. In his role, he leverages his own journey as inspiration to mentor and empower fellow youths, instilling in them the knowledge and skills needed to effect positive change in their community.

  • Hellen Mwanza (Alumni)

    Junior Facilitator Intern, Gold Youth

    Hellen's journey with Amos Youth Centre started in 2018. Through the support of AYC, Hellen successfully completed her high school education in 2023. Inspired by her journey, Hellen transitioned into a Junior Facilitator Intern role at AYC in 2024 where she continues to make a positive impact within her community. As a Junior Facilitator Intern, Hellen plays a crucial role in facilitating interactive sessions and providing guidance to peer educators within AYC. Her passion for nursing, particularly in critical care, reflects her desire to contribute to the well-being of others. Beyond her duties, Hellen finds fulfillment in spending time with her family, recognizing the importance of balance and connection outside of work.

  • James Hambolyoma (Alumni)

    Junior Facilitator Intern, Gold Youth

    James journey with AYC began 2018, marking the beginning of his journey towards personal and academic achievement. James successfully completed his high school education in 2022, paving the way for his pursuit of higher education. Currently serving as a Facilitator for Classes and Clubs at AYC, James is dedicated to empowering young minds and fostering positive change within his community. He plays a crucial role in creating enriching and educational experiences for AYC members. With a keen interest in biomedical engineering, James aspires to pursue further studies in this field to contribute to advancements in healthcare. In his role, James is responsible for training peer educators, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to engage and educate their peers on various issues affecting young people.

  • Alice Chomba (Alumni)


    Alice Chomba is a proud alumna of AYC, having completed a tailoring course at Saint Ambrose. With a passion for creativity and design, Alice found her niche in the world of fashion. Her journey with AYC has been transformative, providing her with the skills and opportunities needed to pursue her dreams. Alice attributes much of her success to her membership with AYC. The resources and opportunities offered by AYC have played a crucial role in her journey towards becoming a skilled tailor. Through her experience with AYC, Alice has not only honed her craft but has also gained confidence and determination to pursue her passion. For Alice, the most rewarding aspect of her work is the ability to bring her designs to life and see people wearing her creations. Through her talent and dedication, she has found fulfillment in making garments that not only look good but also make people feel confident and stylish. Alice credits her success to the support and resources provided by her AYC membership.