Mental Health & Counseling Programme

We have partnered with the Foundation for Family and Community Healing for Children and Youth to facilitate mental health sessions, providing a space for the girls, boys, young women and young men to learn techniques and learn how to cope with mental health issues.

There are still barriers and limitations around mental health awareness in the community, and having these sessions has proven to be beneficial to the children and youth at AYC. 

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Drug & Alcohol Abuse has been on the rise among adolescents in Kafue District. This has consequently led to increased school dropouts, teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS infections, theft and crime.

We have bolstered our work with the children and youth in our programmes to raise awareness and prevent abuse. Through programmes like One Up for Girl Power and Boy’s Talk, adolescents have access to information on drug and alcohol abuse and how they can be agents of change among peers.

We have additionally partnered with the Gold Youth Development Agency to promote peer-to-peer engagement which has proven very effective in encouraging social and behavioral change as peers are able to relate to each other.