Rural Outreach Programme

The Rural Outreach Programme provides the most marginalized girls and boys from the fishing village of Chanyanya access to secondary school and the Learning & Leadership Centre.

Located about 25 kilometers from Kafue on the river, education ends in Chanyanya after the 9th grade due to lack of schools. After 9th grade, poverty often forces girls into early marriage and boys have limited opportunity. Thanks to this programme which includes a housing and food stipend, girls and boys from Chanyanya are the first in their families to graduate from high school and college.

Mirriam (second from the left) with her mom, dad and younger brother, was one of the first Mwalii Leaders in the Rural Outreach Program. Today she is a graduate of the University of Zambia in nursing. She plans to continue her education to become an OBGYN and dreams of being Zambia’s Minister of Health one day. In the meantime, she is a nurse at the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital in the United Kingdom.