Women & Girls’ Agency.

We have always had a great concern for promoting opportunities for Zambian women and girls and ensuring that they are equal participants in the planning, operation, and benefits of our programmes ultimately leading to enhanced agency and equality.

One of our key goals has always been to build the leadership of female members of the team, our girls and young women by empowering them to be strong and vocal.

Gender Equity & Empowerment

Weekly "One Up for Girl Power" and "Boys Talks" clubs focus gender equity and empowerment through a custom curriculum developed over many years of working with our young women and men.

Topics include:

  • Discussing gender issues, stereotypes, biases and how to improve inclusivity and equal partnership.

  • Combating gender-based violence, early marriage, and discrimination.

  • Building self-esteem and self-awareness while creating a culture of dreaming.

  • Working with local communities to challenge harmful cultural practices and traditions that perpetuate gender inequality.

Gender-equity and empowerment cuts across all of our programs areas. Click below to read more.