How to find accommodation

Your college should be your first point of contact when looking for accommodation, so please contact your college specific accommodation manager for more information.

We have created an Accommodation Facebook Group for Muslim students of Oxford University and those living in Oxford to communicate with each other and enquire about available accommodation:


Colleges provide accommodation for all undergraduate students during their first year of study and for at least one other year of their course.

The university also has an official website you can follow to find out more information about undergraduate accommodation.


Whilst some colleges do provide housing for graduate students, this is not always guaranteed and a wide range of accommodation can also be found in the private sector. Read Oxford University's information.

Graduate Accommodation Office

The university owns and manages some buildings and houses accommodating graduate students. Largest sites such as Castle Mill and Summertown House accommodate hundreds of grad students including those with spouses and children in 1 or 2 bedroom flats. Often priorities are given to students with children, however the application process is quite competitive.


More Resources

The Oxford University Students' Union's guide to living out at Oxford (in non-college accommodation).

A Facebook group used by students to advertise available rooms in shared houses and also for requesting available rooms.

A website widely used by locals to advertise available rooms and flats.