College Life

College Representatives

For many Muslims, university can be an unsettling prospect. Fresher’s week, in particular, can prove to be a quantity of unknowns and a difficult time as students try to involve themselves in college life whilst staying true to their own religious and personal beliefs.

To help Muslim students settle in as quickly as possible we’ve organised a system of college representatives to aid your integration and help you to adapt to your new academic and social surroundings. They’ll let you know about the ISoc events going on during the week, arrange our famous 5th week Pidge-a-Present (to combat 5th week blues) and of course just be there as a friendly fellow Muslim face for you in your own college! 

If you can’t see a rep for your college, don’t worry! Please contact our Welfare representatives and we should be able to get a representative from a nearby college or a member of the ISoc Committee.

College Male Rep Female Rep
Balliol Yonis Nuur
Hannah Raja
Brasenose Husayn Sacranie
Nerjess Alfellani
*Campion Hall
Christ Church Muse Ismaiel
Asma Issa
Corpus Christi Mohamed Heikl
Taslima Sheikh
Exeter Imaan Khaliq
Haleema Khan
*Green Templeton Muscab Mohamed
Razneen Shah
Harris Manchester muhammad Awan
Hibah Hassan
Hertford Sara Malik
Jesus Jubeda Salam
Keble Zaheer Sidik
Sarah Said
Lady Margaret Hall Chaudhary Mohammad Ibrahim Atif
Malaika Butt
Lincoln Alina Shafiq
Magdalen Kaamil Kaba
Zuha Murtaza
Mansfield Ahnaf Farabi
Nadia Zouaoui
Merton Basmala Saad
New Saimur Rahman
Imaan Haider
Oriel Siddiq Islam
Yasmin Mrabet
Pembroke Hasan Shahzad
Hanin Hassan
Queen's Ziyad Mahmouod
Bahira Malak
Regent's Park Axel Marinho
Sameeha Qureshi
St Anne's Zainab Bhamji
*St Antony's
St Catherine's Fahim Miah
Zainab Shaik
*St Cross
St Edmund's Hall Zakaria Najjar
Jemima Begum
St Hilda's Abdullah Abid
Aysha Adam
St Hugh's Zaid Abdulwahab
St John's Ebrahim Jadama
Fadumo Hersi
St Peter's Sami Haroon
Tharin Azad
St Stephen's House
Somerville Enes Morina
Sana Dar
Trinity Omarr Belhaj
Suleqa Warsame
University Ahmed Ali
Ayesha Ali
Wadham Mahirah Rahman
*Wolfson Usama Ali
Worcester Mujaahid Arian
Mahrin Ahmed
Wycliffe Hall


Applicants always struggle to pick one of the colleges of Oxford. Our best advice would be to look through our alternative prospectus, college websites and attend college open days to really gauge whether or not you'd envisage yourself in a particular college.

When it comes to accommodation, you should look at how many years the college will provide accommodation for. Some colleges offer onsite accommodation for all three years, but at some colleges you might have to live further from the city centre or rent privately one year. You might also want to consider the kitchen facilities, especially if you’re looking to make your own food. An increasing number of colleges also offer Halal food (see table below). Oxford also has plenty of Halal restaurants and butchers within walking distance. Room sizes tend to be bigger than at other universities and the cost of rooms varies between colleges. Location is also quite important; whether it's proximity to the city centre or to the prayer room, check this out if it's important to you! The ISoc has representatives in numerous colleges so if you have questions about life at a particular college these are the people to ask (see table above).

Remember, if you don’t have a particular preference for a college you can always make an open application and you will be randomly assigned to one for interviews. Also, during the interview process you might be sent to different colleges as well as your first choice. This means many people end up at a college they didn’t originally apply to, but still end up enjoying their time there and become quite attached to their college.


 Check this table to see if your prospective college provides halal food in catering and private en-suites.

If you have any queries or see any errors, please feel free to send us a message.

Balliol Yes (chicken, lamb, beef, turkey) On request
Blackfriars Yes (in-house events, most meals at Regent's Park) Can request on faith grounds (limited)
Brasenose (Halal Chicken/Beef most/all meals) Can request on faith grounds
Christ Church Yes (on request, all meats) On request
Corpus Christi Yes (chicken and beef 5-6 times a week) Can request on faith grounds
Exeter Yes (chicken and sometimes beef 5-6 times a week) On request and if no en-suite then sink will be in room
Harris Manchester No Yes
Hertford Yes (chicken and lamb) No but sinks in rooms
Jesus Chicken at formals on request On request
Keble Yes (on request) Rarely, but most bathrooms are one between two
LMH Yes (chicken and lamb on request) Can request on faith grounds
Lincoln Yes (on request) Yes
Magdalen (on request, chicken) No
Mansfield Yes Yes (mostly, may need to request to make sure)
Merton Only formals (on request) Can request on faith grounds
New Yes (on request) Yes (most rooms en-suite, can make request to be sure)
Oriel Yes (on request with sufficient notice) Can request on faith grounds
Pembroke Yes (on request) Yes
Queen's Yes (dinners and formal dinners) Yes (mostly, may need to request to make sure)
Regent's Park - No
Somerville No No
St Anne's Yes (on request, chicken sometimes lamb) No (can request sink in room)
St Benet's Hall Yes (on request, chicken) No (can request low usage bathrooms)
St Catherine's Yes (chicken halal most meals other meats on request) No
St Edmund Hall Yes (on request) Can request on faith grounds
St Hilda's (Chicken Halal almost all meals, other meats and formals on request.) No
St Hugh's Only formals (on request, chicken) Can request on faith grounds
St John's Yes (lunch sometimes dinner and formal dinners on request) No
St Peter's (On request only in formals) No
Trinity Yes On request
University Yes (chicken only, not regularly) On request and if no ensuite then sink is available in room
Wadham Yes (on request) Can request on faith grounds
Worcester Yes (on request) Down to luck, but most are en-suite so chance high


Whilst we’ve tried our best to ensure this information is up to date, it is always best to check with the college directly to make sure the facts are correct if they are important to you. Also, even if en-suite accommodation is not generally available, requests can be made on medical grounds and many colleges also accept requests on faith grounds (even if not explicitly mentioned in the table – again, best to email/talk to colleges directly to make sure!).