Prayer Spaces

Our Prayer Room

The OUISoc has got its own dedicated prayer room located in the Robert Hooke building.
This is open 24/7 to all students, and many events throughout term will also be hosted here.

To request the entry code, please email us with the subject ‘Prayer Room Code’.

Address of Prayer Room
Robert Hooke Building
Parks Road

Unsure where to find us? View our video on how to locate the prayer room.


Jumu’ah Prayers

Everybody is welcome to attend. Please come in good time in order to avoid missing any of the Khutbah.

We have Jummah Khutbahs every Friday in the prayer room. Please see the Jummah times on our prayer timetable.


Mosques around Oxford


Central Oxford Masjid / Islamic Cultural Centre

This is the largest mosque in Oxford, situated on Manzil Way, just off Cowley Road. A popular choice for out-of-term Jumu’ah prayers and (if during term time) Eid prayers. It is probably the furthest mosque from the centre, being a 25 minute walk or 5-10 minute cycle.

Asian Cultural Centre
Manzil Way


Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Mosque

The OCIS Mosque was opened in March 2016 for congregational as well as Jumu’ah prayers. The beautiful building blends the architectural features of the traditional Oxford colleges with the forms and styles of the classical period of Islam and is definitely worth a visit.

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
Marston Road


Madina Masjid

A medium sized mosque on Stanley Road, just off Iffley Road. A popular choice for Jumu’ah and Eid prayers, but a similar distance from the centre of Oxford to the Central Mosque.

2 Stanley Road


Bangladesh Islamic Education Centre and Mosque

A very small (but conveniently located) mosque on Tyndale Road, just off Cowley Road. It takes approximately 10 minutes to walk, 5 minutes or less to cycle there. A popular choice for evening prayers due to the close proximity to Cowley Road.

57 Cowley Road
Manzil Way


Ahlul Bayt Mosque

A Shia mosque built in 2013, 10-15 minutes from the city centre by bike or bus, or a 15 min walk from Cowley. The mosque organises regular programmes in English and Urdu. 

1 Oxford Road


Oxford Mosque Society, Bath Street

10-11 Bath Street
St Clements