Religious Education

 Religious Education at OUISoc has been an extensive project this past academic year. Following a diverse Ramadan series which saw an impressive range of speakers delve into a wide breadth of Quran-centric content, the ‘Fundamentals of Faith’ programme was launched in partnership with local educational charity Wilaya Trust. This flagship venture sought to unify RE events and provide a cohesive dissemination of knowledge from the Islamic tradition.

In Michaelmas 2020 the ‘Theology: Knowledge of God’ classes kicked off the programme, centred around key concepts such as the oneness of God, humankind’s relationship with Him and the notion of Prophethood. In Hilary term, the second instalment of the ‘Fundamentals of Faith’ programme expounded upon spirituality, practical worship and the overlap between them. Further, the ‘God’s Messenger’ series ran simultaneously highlighting the millstones of the Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ life as a messenger to humankind. This also spanned Michaelmas and Hilary term, covering the Meccan period and Medinan period respectively.

The tri-series approach adopted for the main bulk of the three term ISoc year provided a conduit via which the community was introduced to traditional subjects of the Islamic tradition. By the permission of Allah SWT, this will have provided a grounding upon which the next Religious Education Officer of OUISoc can build.