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Prayer times Oxford University Islamic Society


Letter from the 极速赛车168体育赛-官方赛车在线开奖平台-极速赛车开奖官网开奖记录查询 President

Welcome! And may the peace, mercy and blessings of God be unto you!

It is my pleasure as the President of this year to be able to warmly welcome you to the Oxford University Islamic Society. I am delighted that you’ve found this page and I pray that you find it useful, learn about who we are and the things we do, 2024极速赛车开奖官网1分钟开奖记录查询-查询开奖历史 and hopefully be inspired to join our vibrant community.

The OUISoc is a student society which endeavours to oversee the social and spiritual welfare of the Muslim students at Oxford, and cater to their needs as best as possible. We hold a wide range of events every term, including but not limited to: Islamic lectures and classes, social outings, restaurant dinners, quiz nights, volunteering, interfaith dialogues, panel discussions, access conferences, charity bake sales... and so much more! We are proud of holding the reputation of being one of the most active and engaging societies in the university.

However, more than that, and what I sincerely hope you will also realise to be the case when joining us, is that the OUISoc provides a sense of community like no other; the bond of brother and sisterhood you’ll find at the OUISoc is so strongyet simultaneously so welcoming, in spite of the diverse backgrounds we all come from and the upbringings we’ve had. I feel like this is best 168极速赛车官方开奖记录历史结果 exemplified in the small moments, like planning to take a quick break between library study sessions to pray ‘Asr salah in the Prayer Room, but then finding yourself chilling and talking to friends (or new people!) all the way until Maghrib or even ‘Isha! Or when you bump into someone on your way to a lecture and you give them a quick smile, salaam and handshake or hug! Or when you coincidentally find another group of Muslim friends eating at the same halal restaurant you were going to...! These small, special moments and the genuine care and friendship people share for one another is what really serves to strengthen the community
spirit that the ISoc thrives on..

As somebody who was super anxious before coming to Oxford about the kind of environment and community I would find here, I can confidently say that I was very pleasantly surprised (Alhamdulillah), and I subsequently hope to assure many others that they too can find another home here – one that allows them to flourish 168秒速赛车官网开奖查询 最新2024版视频直播- not only academically, but in a personal, spiritual sense too, and that which brings them ever closer in their relationship with God.

With that said, I invite you to browse through our website and our social media to find out more, to let us know if you have any questions and to join us at our future events so that we can properly greet you and welcome you to the ISoc in
the best way!

May God’s peace, mercy and blessings be unto you...
Riazul Rahman
OUISoc President 23/24

What We Do

Our ISoc is a student-run body and serves as the focal point for Muslims in Oxford. We have an open and diverse membership, and a reputation for being amongst the University’s most vibrant and active societies. We aim to organise a host of different activities, services and events to engage and bring together the Muslim community in Oxford.



We host a wide array of events throughout the year, ranging from religious educational events to our popular socials. We also 极速赛车168在线查询开奖记录平台 极速赛车168官网开奖历史 run events that engage with our local communities and offer opportunities for non-Muslims to discover more about our religion. 


We run a welfare scheme to support students and have designated welfare officers who can offer a helping hand with any problems you might face. We also run a confidential online welfare profile which you can message anonymously in order to seek advice.


Our goal is to inspire Muslims students who have the potential to thrive at Oxford and equip them with the skills required to do so. The Oxford Muslim Access Conference has been launched to address the barriers affecting Muslim students applying to top institutions. 


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2016 - FOSIS Midlands Cup Winners
2016/17 - FOSIS Best UK ISoc
2016/17 - FOSIS SU Relations Award
2017/18 - FOSIS National Best Community Work
2018 - Oxbridge ISoc Football Varsity 2018
2018 - FOSIS Midlands Best Project for the Homeless Campaign
2018 - FOSIS Midlands Advocacy on Campus
2019 - Charity Week Midlands Best Display of Unity